A whole new generation.

Genius is a new generation of panels that are completely differentiated from the existing methods.
Genius uses Simple Board™, developed after 5 years of research, and contains innovations that no one can follow.


Thin, light &
stylish design.

It is only 38.5 mm thick, so it is highly esthetic and light in weight.

World's first Built-in
Simple Board™.

The power supply, receiving card and hub bridge are integrated on one board.

100% innovative
Front maintenance.

Maintenance is very convenient with full front design.

16:9 ratio
Panel design.

The panel is made in a 16:9 ratio, so you can fit the entire screen at 16:9.

Thin design.

The thinner, the higher the installation quality.
The reason we try to make the panel even 1mm thinner is that the thinner the product, the easier it is to adjust the level of the module during installation.
0 mm
Panel thickness
0 kg
Weight of 1 panel

The material also functions.
Full aluminum body.

This is a full aluminum body product made with aluminum die casting. Heat dissipation is fast, light and corrosion-free.
0 kg
Weight of 1 panel (including module)