Premium panel suitable
for premium space.

Mercury is a premium product with quality and features that outperform other products on the market.

The thinnest 'Fixed Die-Casting' in the world.

The thinner, the higher the quality.

It is the screen flatness after installation that measures the quality of the screen's hardware. The thinner the panel, the easier it is to remove the step when installing without causing a step on the screen.

Outstanding aesthetics.

Mercury is beautiful, not clunky. Unlike existing products that hurt the design of the space after installation, it increases the design value of the space.

0 mm
Panel thickness

Extremely reduced weight, module separation installation.

Light weight that is easy to handle for engineers.
Installation is manual process by professional engineers. The lighter weight reduces engineer fatigue, making it easier to control steps.
Separated installation of module & panel case.

Mercury's structural innovations make it much lighter by installing modules separated from panels, making it easier to work with and more complete installation, as the product does not require careful handling.

0 kg
Weight of 1 panel (including module)

8-Lock system.

Possible to achieve perfect flatness.
There are total of 8 sidelock fasteners with 2 on each side of the 4 sides, making it very robust and precise assembly quality when installed.
Ultra-precision Aluminum Die-Casting.
It is an Aluminum Die-Casting panel manufactured by an ultra-precision process.

Clean exterior without cables.

Mercury uses internal connection of certified cables.
Mercury runs the cables inside the case to reduce the failure rate. To prevent cable dropping, a holder is installed at each connection, making it very strong. In addition, the risk of failure is very low because only certified cables are used.


Optimized for screen flattening.
The installation finish is excellent because it is designed to make it easy to create a flat screen by eliminating the step between the panel and the panel during installation.

The dedicated frame for Easy-Wallmount™ takes up very little space.

0 mm
Bracket thickness


Real low power technology DPS.

Mercury's DPS (Dynamic Power Saving) does not simply lower power consumption, but using an intelligent power control technology.

Low power consumption + DPS technology.
Mercury's basic power consumption itself is low, and DPS technology is applied to achieve a lower final power consumption.

Black screen ultra-low standby power.
Power amount control according to gray scale.
On-state voltage control reduces power consumption.